Life is water

At times, half full. At others, half empty

Captivating, molding, and constantly moving

There is unexpected rain

Sometimes the clouds are deceiving.

Frequently you want to be a mermaid, ability to breathe deep under.

Escaping reality.

The dead-mans float needed at times.

Life is like waves,

Like a calm day on the lake,

Like hurricanes.

Formulated like the Bermuda Triangle in the power of three.

At times, life is like making love in the rain

With the one you love,

Really love.

It’s like skinny dipping

Or chunky dunking.

Life is the color of water


Open, free, deep, sophisticated.

It’s like a fish tank,

You choose the fish type,

Salt water or fresh water,

The rocks,

The trinkets for decoration.

Sometimes your water is mixed with vodka

Feeling fabulous at the moment

But regretting every single second of it the next morning.

It’s like a nude beach,

Bringing you back to birth

Stages of birth anyways.

Colors of the wind,

Colors of the sky,

Colors of the water

Reflecting you back to you,




At times consuming,

Forgetting to taste.

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